Always innovate and develop with global scientific research strength

Moreels attaches great importance to investment in product research and development, technology update, process upgrade, etc., cooperates with domestic famous universities in research and development, introduces Japanese technology, develops TCT, PCD and cermet cutting tools, and establishes a professional product research and development team. Up to now, the company has 10 patents and 5 appearance patents. The company was listed as a high-tech enterprise since 2017, and successfully joined the China Forest Machinery Association in 2019.

Moreels' technical team has many years of industry experience, using advanced computer, aided design software and 3D modeling software to design products with reasonable structure and strong market competitiveness. Relying on a large number of technical talents with morality, learning and knowledge, adhere to independent technological innovation, and establish a precision tool industry system with strong core competitiveness.


High standards and strict requirements to build a quality defense line

Moreels uses a complete quality inspection system, standardizes and institutionalizes strict inspection of products, ensures a long-term stable operation of products, and effectively operates the quality assurance system. Moreels people always take quality as the core standard that cannot be compromised.