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MOREELS HARDWARE TOOLS CO.,LTD is a manufacture specialized in the high-quality saw blades. With many years’ accumulation of experience and technology, it has been the leader in the industry.


MOREELS HARDWARE TOOLS CO.,LTD Devotes itself to the continous innovation. It occupies the market with the technology and wins the customer with high quality.


Owning the advanced production equipment in the standard production workshop, Moreels manufactures all the products automatically.


Better-quality is our direction of progress. All the raw material is provided by premiere suppliers. With the strict control of ISO9001-2001 quality system, all the products keep high quality. In the process of the design and manufacure of the tools, we strictly follow the safe standard EN847, which is the strictest safe standard in the carpentry.


1. The latest high precision, automatic production technology.


2. Advanced equipment and laboratory with high- precision instrument to support the research development and test of the products.


3. With the change of the geometric angle and shape,the tools adapt to the continuous improvement of wood processing technology.


4. The company has passed ISO9001-2001 quality management system certification.


We will continue to strive for the goal of becoming a world-class enterprise in the future.

The company was founded in 1995, and Moreels use their own wisdom and hard work to write a brilliant growth story after
twenty years of development. Along the way, we gain a lot after all the sufferings. With our leading technology and rich
experience, we have achieved satisfactory results. We will continue to strive for the goal of becoming a world-class
enterprise in the future.

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